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EoE2Essentials of the Earth
New 3rd Edition, September 2014 printing

Same great book with some 2014 updates

Quick to find information: 750+ entries organized AtoZ
Easy to read: 325+ health references plus oils, blends and terms.
Handy: 5x7 spiral bound, 256 pages

                             Includes t
he latest oils, blends and products introduced.

                              You will love it!  (see a brief description)
  1-4  each      $15.95  

5 pack  ea.   $14.50 

10 pack ea.  $13.00
25 pack ea.  $11.50
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Essentials of the Earth

New 3rd Edition, September 2014 printing

For those wanting to share with all their team!
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EoE2Fire sale  

Essential of the Earth, 2nd Edition

We have a few left.
Still a great resource and an inexpensive
way to introduce folks to using oils.
  1 - 4      $12 each

5 - 24      $10 each

25 - 99       $8 each

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2014 Modern Essentials              1 Modern Essentials, 6th edition &  
1 Essential of the Earth, 3rd edition
( Both books latest, September 2014, editions)

One for on-the-go, One for your desk


$41.75 per 1/1 bundle



2014 Modern EssentialsModern Essentials:
A Contemporary Guide to the Therapeutic Use of Essential Oils

 6th edition, September 2014 printing

A quality hard bound desk reference or coffee table conversation piece with all the latest oils and blends.

(8.5" x 11" format, 283 pages)
1-4  each      $27.95  

5 pack  ea.   $22.50

10 pack ea.  $20.05
Basic10CoverThe 10 Oils Booklet
Our latest, September 2014

This small booklet is compiled assuming you only have the 10 basic oils and blends available. It is perfect for travelers, missionaries, family emergency kits or those new to oils. The format is patterned after the larger Essentials of the Earth book but is scaled to the smaller size for the convenience of those traveling or needing a simpler approach to their use of essential oils.

                 (4.25" x 6" format, 72 pages, staple bound)
  5 pack ea.      $4.00  

10 pack  ea.   $3.50 

25 pack  ea.   $3.00 

100 pack  ea.   $2.50 

2014 Mini Modern Essentials Mini-Modern Essentials
6th edition
September 2014 printing

This is a handy, spiral bound, color highlighted book that is a scaled version of the Modern Essentials hard bound book.  It includes the Usage Guide, Application, and Science sections.
(5.5" x 7.5" format, 256 pages)
1-4  each      $14.95  

5 pack  ea.   $12.55 

Modern Essentials2014 Mini Modern Essentials1 Mini Modern Essentials &  
1 Modern Essentials

One for on-the-go, One for your desk

New September 2014 printings

$40.00 per 1/1 bundle


 Basic Foundation Library
A great addition to the library of those interested in essential oils

This is a three book collection of the early authors that introduced essential oils in our modern time. The books are all soft bound, used books, but in good condition. Book Trio

The trio includes:

Jean Valnet, MD, The Practice of Aromatherapy, A Classic Compendium of Plant Medicines & Their Healing Properties
(279 pgs)

Kurt Schnaubelt, Medical Aromatherapy, Healing with Essential Oils
(296 pgs)

Robert B. Tisserand, The Art of Aromatherapy, The Healing and Beautifying Properties of the Essential Oils of Flowers and Herbs
(321 pgs)

  $65.00 for set of three
(used books)

  Your personal set of laminated charts

   ATT description   ATT quick reminder   Foot bottom    Foot top    Hand  Ear  
6 charts on  3 sheets, 2 sided, fully laminated,  8.5" x 11" pages. Set includes 2 Massage Blend Technique (ATT) charts (description/quick reminder) and 4 Reflexology charts (foot1/foot2 and hand/ear).  Great helps for using essential oils.

Massage Blend Charts (ATT - Another's Tender Touch)
10 handouts

ATT description   ATT quick reminder

10 Massage Blend Technique (ATT) charts. Side 1- description, Side 2 - quick reminder chart. Handy reminder of the basics of the ATT plus the oils used, the application moves and the proper sequence.

Great for a quick reminder while doing the Massage Blend Technique.
10 copies, 8.5" x 11", 2 sided, heavy gloss paper.

Reflexology Feet Charts - 10 handouts

Foot bottom     Foot top    
Set of 10 reflexology foot charts. Quick visual reminders for those who like to add this modality into their use of essential oils. 8.5" x 11", 2 sided, heavy gloss paper.

Dr. Oz used this chart on his TV show recently! We were honored.

Reflexology Hand/Ear Charts - 10 handouts

   Hand  Ear 
10 reflexology hand/ear charts.
Quick visual reminders for those who like to add this modality into their use of essential oils. 8.5" x 11", 2 sided, heavy gloss paper.

HTGMD spiral
How to Get More Done in Your Day
Super little booklet by Leonie Featherstone,
presented as the 2014 (...) Convention.
Lessons to "pop the lid on the Genie bottle and help you make time stand still as you passionately pursue your goals and dreams in your daily life".

5.5" x 8", spiral bound, 60 pages

  Click here to print the charts from the book  
  1-4  each      $10.95  

5 pack  ea.   $10.00 

10 pack ea.  $9.00

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